All For You

Sister Hazel


[capo 1]

Am         D         Dsus2-D      Am               D  Dsus2-D

Finally I figured out,     but it took a long long time

Am                 D       Dsus2-D  Am              D  Dsus2-D

And now there’s a turnabout,        Maybe cause I’m tryin

Em           Am                 Em

There’s been times, I’m so confused

        Am                 Em

All my roads, They lead to you

              C              Am D-Dsus4-D

I just can’t turn and walk away …



      G       D          Am    D  C   G              D       Am     D   C   G

It’s hard to say what it is I see in you – wonder if I’ll always be with you

D          Am       D   C   G    D      Am         D   C  G  Am Asus4 Am G

But words can’t say and I can’t do enough to prove, It’s all for you


I thought I’d seen it all, ‘cause it’s been a long, long time.

But then we’ll trip and fall, wondering if I’m blind

There’s been times, I’m so confused

All my roads, they lead to you

I just can’t turn and walk away …





Am          Em                                      Am                 Em                        Am 


Rain comes pouring down (pouring down), falling from blue skies (falling from blue skies)

Am               Em     C                D 

Words without a sound, coming from your eyes


SOLO: G G Am D G (7X)  G Am D then VERSE 1 reprise & CHORUS 2x

C          G       D         G      D              C       G  Am-Asus4-Am G

Woh,It’s hard to say, oh, hard to say, it’s all for you.