Border Song

Elton John & Bernie Taupin

C   F C


Am       E7/G#       Am    E7/G#      Am

Holy Moses,           I have been    removed.

C                      G/B          C                     Esus   E

I have seen the spectre,      He has been here, too.

C                            G/B

Distant cousin from down the line.

F                               Dm

Brand of people who ain't my kind

F    F#dim  C/G

Ho   ly     Moses

F6/G                     C     F  C

I have been removed


Holy Moses, I have been deceived.

Now the wind has changed direction and I have to leave.

Won't you please excuse my frankness, but it's not my cup of tea.

Holy Moses, i have been deceived.

C                             C/E               F

I'm going back to the border where my affairs,

         C/G          F/G        C

Where my affairs ain’t abused.


I can't take any more bad water,

          D/F#                                               F/G

Been poisoned from my head down to my shoes.

            C     F C



Holy Moses, let us live in peace.

Let us strive to find a way to make our hatred cease.

There's a man over there – what's his color? I don't care.

F    F#dim  C/G    F/G             C

He's my brother, let us live in peace.

He's my brother, let us live in peace.

F    F#dim  C/G    G7     Dm7                C        F/C    F/C

He's my brother, let us, let us live in peace.