Bottle Of Wine

Tom Paxton


   G                                  G      

   Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine, When you

                    D  G    G             

   gonna let me get  sober? Leave me alone,


   let me go home, Let me go home and start

   D  G  



G         D          C         G     G     

Ramblin' 'round this dirty old town, Singin'

    D           G      G              D    

for nickels and dimes, Time's gettin' rough,

  C          G        G        D7      

I ain't got enough To buy me a bottle of






G        D    C          G     G         

Little hotel, older than hell, Dark as the

D         G     G            D       C 

coal in a mine. Blankets are thin, I lay

          G       G            D7      

there and grin, I got a little bottle of






G          D     C          G    G       

Pain in my head, bugs in my bed, Pants are


   D             G      G          D     

so old that they shine. Out on the street,

         C        G              G      

tell the people I meet Won't you buy me a

D7        G   

bottle of wine?




G             D       C            G    

Preacher will preach, teacher will teach,

G          D          G     G          D   

Miner will dig in the mine. I ride the rods,

C           G   G          D7        G   

trusting in God Huggin' my bottle of wine.