EZ Guitar Chord Finder is meant to be a simple and quick way to get the chords you need fast, without any gimmicks.  I have focused on giving you only usable chords with 2 or 3 inversions on different parts of the neck.  Keep in mind that any chord that does not use open strings can be moved up and down the neck and played in almost any key.  Many chords have the same notes but different names.  These are enharmonic chords or notes.  For example G# and Ab are the same note but have different names.   In the beginner section I give suggested fingerings for basic chords.  In reality fingering can change depending on where you were on the neck before and where you are going next.  Practice using different fingerings for each chord and use the one that gives you the smoothest transition. These chord charts are down-loadable and printable.

       Ab  A#  Bb  B  C  C#  Db  D  D#  Eb  F  F#  Gb  G  G# 





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