Welcome to Music EZ

I have created this site to be a resource for any musician who wants to learn the fundamentals, explore new styles, learn a new instrument, learn to play guitar, learn how to read music, learn how to play piano, how to tune guitar, or just get the creative juices flowing..

Music EZ will focus on the most popular instruments of our time.  The guitar, keyboard and your own voice.  It is not my intention to focus on one genre or musical style, instead I want you to find your own unique style that comes from a wide variety of musical experiences.

Musical Theory is usually taught along with instrument lessons.  I have found that learning music theory only as it relates to the guitar is less than complete.  I have a complete course in theory that will prepare you to collaborate with other musicians using this universal language.

Having resources available at your fingertips is often valuable which is why I created my EZ Guitar Chord Finder.  I had used many online chord programs but was never really satisfied.  I wanted something simple but yet complete.  I wanted many chords available but only playable chords. Print your Own guitar Tab.  I hope you find it useful.

Technology has changed the face of music in the last 20 years.  If you are not taking advantage of all that is available, you may be missing out.  I will show you what technology can do for you and what you can do with technology especially Digital Audio Recording

Everyone is always looking for new songs, I will share with you some of my favorites and give you playing tips.

Keyboards are so inexpensive these days that you must have one.  Learning music theory is simplified, creating melodies and harmonies is simplified and recording with a midi controller keyboard opens up incredible musical possibilities.

Midi is an extremely useful technology.  I will give you the basics of Midi but most importantly I will show you how useful it can be, not just in recording and song construction but in live situations as well.

Songwriting is something every musician attempts at some point in their journey.  some are better at it than others but having a systematic approach may help unleash some creativity you didn't know you had.

Vocals are probably the most difficult aspect of recording and can also be somewhat neglected by the musician/singer.  I will give you some tips on keeping that voice in top condition.

Musicianship is a product of experience but learning from others can certainly shorten the learning curve.  I will give you my take on being a musician based on my 40 years of experience.

Music is so vast no one can possibly absorb it all in a lifetime.  My goal is to give you what you need to find your path down the musical journey that is a lifetime.  Now go play! And use a Metronome