Midi Jam Tracks


Midi Jam Tracks are great practice and fun.  The great thing about midi tracks as opposed to Mp3 is that you can change key, tempo and even the instruments if you wish.  The negative is that they only sound as good as the synth you are playing them through.  If you are using the Microsoft Wavetable GS synth and playing it through your computer speakers it may sound kind of cheesy.  But, if you are using a VSTI instrument from Native Instruments or Cakewalk's Dimension Pro, it will sound GREAT!  These are not the exact song as recorded but have the basic changes for you to practice with.  If you want to listen to the original tracks I have included the composer or performer.   CC = Chord Chart

Track Name      Composer/Performer  
All Blues CC Miles Davis  
Born under a Bad Sign CC Albert King
Billie's Bounce CC Charlie Parker  
Black Magic Women CC Santana  
Blue Jam      
Breezin CC George Benson  
Cantaloupe Island CC Herbie Hancock  
Chameleon CC Herbie Hancock  
C Jam Blues CC    
Evil Ways CC Santana  
Feelin Alright CC Joe Cocker  
Four On six CC Wes Montgomery  
Freddie the Freeloader CC Miles Davis  
Freight Trane CC Kenny Burrell  
Giant Steps CC John Coltrane  
Green Dolphin Street   John Coltrane  
Kansas City CC    
Latin Vamps   4 Latin Vamps  
Little Sun Flower CC Freddie Hubbard  
Lyresto CC John Coltrane  
Mister PC CC John Coltrane  
Moondance CC Van Morrison  
On Broadway CC Drifters/George Benson  
Pent Up House CC Sonny Rollins  
Scrapple for the Apple CC Charlie Parker  
Stormy CC Classics IV  
Take 5 CC Dave Brubeck  
Tequilla CC The Champs  
The Thrill is Gone CC B.B King  
A Night in Tunisia CC Dizzy Gillespie  
Unit 7 CC Wes Montgomery