Vocal Tips...




  • Never sing without first warming up.  Your vocal cords require the needed "warm up" before you perform.  Undue strain on "cold" vocal cords can lead to permanent damage.  A good rule to remember is "To be a perfect 10 - 10 be a perfect too".  This means that starting slow and warming up, for at least 10 minutes before a performance, will not only stretch your vocal cords, but calm you down too (increased oxygen supply helps your body to relax).

  • Sing like you speak.  Your vocal cords get used to a specific style and range of volume.  Increasing the volume by straining or pushing your voice to react louder, only causes undo stress upon your vocal cords and could possibly make them weaker.  Practice slowly to increase the volume of your voice by controlling the release of air from your diaphragm.  Soon, you'll be bellowing like the best of them!

  • Turn lemons into Lemon-Aid.  The acidic qualities of lemons will not only give you a purse to your pucker, but clean your throat of unwanted mucus residue.  Yummy!  Plus, think of the lemony-fresh breathe you'll have when singing close to your favorite harmony partner.  Lemonade will not work here; just a fresh-cut wedge of lemon.  A glass of water will assist in washing the tartness away.

  • Eating dairy or chocolate before you sing will diminish your range.  Milk substances, dairy, chocolate and even sugar can produce a film that coats your throat and possibly your vocal cords.  This film doesn't allow for the full range of movement and vibration of your vocal cords, plus, a feeling of needing to clear your throat may become more frequent.  Therefore, when you have to eat something before you perform, grab something free of milk, cheese, or anything from the dairy family.  Garlic wouldn't be good either!